Missed Call

for the iPhone


Do you ever miss calls or text messages only to discover them hours later because you did not hear the phone?
The Missed Call application monitors the phone and periodically alerts you using sound and visual effects when any of the following events are missed:
  • Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Calendar Events

Other phones have this feature and now your iPhone can too.
Never miss that important call, text message or event again with the Missed Call application!
Over 50 sounds and 10 visual effects with fully configurable notification timers.

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Main Screen




Application Notes:
  • We recommend the phone be rebooted after downloading to ensure application stability.
  • Currently Apple, Inc does not allow background applications. In order to achieve the functionality listed above you must start the Missed Call application before putting your phone down.
  • There is currently an issue with the 2.2.1 iPhone firmware that causes text message and calendar events to cause applications to sleep. This is a change in behavior from the 2.1 firmware which the application was released on. This causes the visual component of Missed Call not to show but sounds still occur. In order for the application to function normally change the iPhone's Auto-Lock value to Never (run the iPhone's "Settings" application and select the "General" section).
  • While we have taken every effort to minimize battery usage (auto-dimming display, efficient software development, etc) it is recommended that for extended use that the phone be charging while the application is running.